All-Italian quality at La Bottega di Brunella

Positano Beachwear

Our products are completely Made in Italy, where the entire production process is carried out internally: from yarn to finished product. This is La Bottega di Brunella, where quality originated from a long and established tradition of craftsmanship.

The Positano Beachwear creations are manufactured with skill and enthusiasm in natural and bright colours, using gauze, cotton and linen: fresh and light materials, which bring to mind the warm and passionate beauty of the sea of the Amalfi Coast.

The streamlined and efficient structure of the Campania store guarantees a meticulous quality control of products made by the expert designers, technicians and model-makers, capable of developing ideas and emotions which are reminiscent of the tradition of the 'Dolce Vita' of the 60s, but are also in line with the present trend. Textile fibres are transformed into precious yarns, with the help of professionals and advanced machinery, which guarantee robustness, elasticity and lightness of the materials, and a final product of excellent quality.

The style of Positano fashion, timeless lines

The careful tailoring of La Bottega di Brunella, owed to its experience of ten years, shines through the creations of the designers of the beachwear line, who create unique and original pieces with great skills and mastery, matched with accessories for a complete look. The Company has become a well-known name throughout the country, worn by personalities like Zeffirelli and Ursula Andress.

The Positano style clothing has a wide range of products such as linen suits, classic chemsis, characterised by the typical style of town of Campania as well as complete and elegant clothing made of georgette and macramé, which is suitable for any occasion. The beachwear line designed by tailors of La Bottega di Brunella, continues to reflect the distinctiveness that marks the shapes and colours of Positano fashion.

La Bottega Di Brunella is a small crafts-work company which design, produce and sell its creations, made and decorated with the finest materials, following the trends but also seeking to maintain the classicality and the bright and fresh colours of the Positano beachwear simultaneously.

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